2 inch boxed fairies with their secret name in the lid ! Tiny little gems to collect … be surprised by the name or request a particular name when you e mail your selection. £10 each plus £5 UK postage ( only one charge for multiple fairies ) add £5 for international post.
2 inch inch box with a glittered inside rim.
JOY; A 7.5 inch high fairy – even more glistening than this photo shows ! She is dressed in a luxurious braid dress with a soft tulle skirt which just shows her beautiful brocade bloomers underneath ! She has stiffly embroidered wings , a glittered Acorn hat and is holding a golden wooden wand with a gleaming jewel . She has a ribbon hanger at the back and can come in an organza bag or for an extra £5 a special golden box ( see above ) .£60 plus £5 UK postage or £10 international postage. SOLD
WHITE HOUSE ; A painted and embellished wooden house , 4×2.5x 2.75 inches. Covered in sparkles and painted Christmas trees. The resident fairy is wearing a tulle skirt, a silver bodice and is wearing a glittered Acorn hat. She is holding a sparkly lily wand. £45 including UK postage , an extra £5 for international post .
GENEVIEVE; A4inch high fairy with a silk painted face and glittered Acorn cap hat. This a a highly shiny and sparkly fairy all dressed up for Christmas ! She is wearing a brocade top with a three tiered tulle skirt embellished with ribbon, gold leaves and lots of sparkles. her wings are stiffly embroidered and she is holding a soft Pussy Willow effect wand. She comes in an organza bag with a sprig of Lavender and a Betty Bib illustrated post card. £38 including UK postage , please add £5 for international post .